Our Story

Hello and welcome to Forever Written! We are a husband and wife team, who share a passion for God's word, family and design. Our family business was birthed out of the need for more Christian themed décor in our home. We searched and searched stores, but to no avail. There always seemed to be a shortage of artwork that glorified God or that displayed the word of God. This led us to put God-given creativity into action. We were inspired to start Forever Written. A business dedicated to inspirational and scripture themed home décor.

It is our passion to make everyday inspirational items that relay the truth of God's word into the lives, hearts and homes of others. We believe that as Christians, our homes should be set apart. Our children and those who enter should be greeted with beautiful pieces of art that glorify God and remind them of who we belong to.

Our hope and prayer is that our business would glorify God and be a blessing and inspiration to others. Please reach out to us for any questions or to share your stories. We would love to hear from you!

Kenric & Simone Camilla Reid