Welcome to Forever Written

We are so glad that you are here. I’m Camilla Simone, wife, mother and Christian artist. We are thrilled to welcome you to your new home for meaningful, beautiful, and faith-filled wall art that adds a touch of inspiration to your space. We are a family on a mission to bring you products that help you create a Christ-centered home.

Our Story

When starting our family in 2008, we never dreamed we would one day have a family business. My husband, Ken and I both worked full time jobs, and life was busy. We had our first daughter in 2010 and two more children by 2014. During this period, the Lord was working on our hearts about me leaving my career to be home full time with our children. We understood that God had blessed us with these wonderful children and I wanted to be there to nurture, teach them, and care for our home. Simply put, God was calling me home to motherhood. In 2015, once my maternity leave was over, we decided to finally take that step of faith and become obedient to the scriptures. We knew
it would be a sacrifice, we knew that half of our income was about to disappear, but after studying the scriptures, we were both deeply convicted by this and wanted our family to align with God’s word.

After leaving my 9-5 job, my husband picked up a second job in
order to make ends meet. He worked day and night, literally around the clock.
It was not easy. He longed to have more time with his family. However, we left
this desire in God’s hands and prayed that the Lord would make a way for us to
at least pay off our home faster, so my husband would not have to work away from
home day and night, missing out on precious time with his family. It was during
this season of serving in the home as a stay-at-home mom, that I realized our
home was in need of Christian themed home decor. God’s word was at the
foundation of our lives, and I wanted our home to reflect that. However, there
was one problem. No matter where I went, there seemed to be a shortage of
artwork that glorified God or that displayed scripture.

This led me to begin designing wall art for our home, and
close family.  During that season, I began selling my scripture art
online. This was helpful to our family economy and allowed us to dedicate more
funds towards paying off our home. It was during this season that Forever
Written was birthed; a business dedicated to inspirational and scripture themed
home décor.  

 Then at the end of 2019, something amazing happened. Our
business grew to the point where my husband Ken was able to leave his job and
work with his family from home. It was really a dream come true and an answer
to prayer. We are so grateful to be able to work as a family, doing what we
love. God’s word has been at the foundation of our family and we are so excited
to be able to serve you by bringing you meaningful home decor.

So whether you're looking for a daily
dose of inspiration, a thoughtful gift for a loved one, or something to edify
your family. We want you to know that our collections are crafted for that very
purpose. We want to help Bible-believing Christians have Christ-centered homes.
In addition to that, we are a family that wants to strengthen your family. You
know the scripture about iron sharpening iron? Well we are committed to making
that happen. In addition to our collections, be sure to visit our blog for
encouraging words and topics meant to edify and strengthen your faith.

 Here's to filling your space with truth, faith, love, and a
touch of artistic grace!

 Blessings, from our family to yours!