A Christ-Centred Christmas: Keeping Christ the Focal Point at Christmas with your Children

A Christ-Centred Christmas: Keeping Christ the Focal Point at Christmas with your Children

Hello, dear friends! The holiday season has arrived, but it's not just about decking the halls with boughs of holly; it's about celebrating Christ and instilling the true meaning of Christmas in the hearts of our little ones. Join me on a journey as we explore ten delightful ways to keep your children centered on Christ during this glorious season.


1. Tell the Christmas Story from the Bible: Unwrapping the Gift of Grace

There's something special about the excitement that fills the room when you gather your family, surrounded by the soft glow of twinkling lights, to read the Christmas story from the Bible. Take a moment to savor the greatest true story of the miraculous birth of Jesus – the ultimate gift of grace. This tradition not only anchors your celebrations in the true meaning of Christmas but also helps to keep Christ at the focal point, creating lasting memories in the hearts of your children.


2. Dress Up and Role Play: A Nativity Scene Come to Life

Why leave the nativity scene confined to the pages of the Bible. Bring it to life by encouraging your little ones to dress up as characters from the nativity story. Picture the joy on their faces as they transform into shepherds, angels, or even the holy family. And here's a thought – why not join them? Becoming part of the story, can make lasting memories for you and your children.

3. Decorate with Scripture: Deck the Halls of Your Home with God's Word

Transform your living space into a sanctuary of scripture by adorning it with verses that glorify the birth of Christ. Imagine the visual impact of walking into a room arrayed not only with tinsel and lights but also with the profound words that tell of the arrival of our Saviour. What a simple yet powerful way to make a statement. Be creative and let your decor give God the glory.

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4. Sing Hymns or Songs: Melodies that Echo Through Generations

In our family, singing God’s praises together has become part of our daily lives. Make hymns and songs that tell the story of Christ a central part of your Christmas celebrations. Whether it's the classic carols or contemporary tunes with a Christian message, let the melodies resonate through your home. Music has a unique ability to connect hearts, and what better way to create lasting memories than through voices raised in harmony, celebrating the birth of our Lord.

Christmas Caroling and Hymns


5. Christmas Caroling with a Purpose: Spreading Joy and Good News

Gather a group – whether from your church or a group of families – and venture out into the neighborhood for some Christmas caroling. It's more than just spreading festive cheer; it's an incredible opportunity to share the good news. At the end of each caroling session, take a moment to share the gospel message. Christmas, after all, is a season of love, and what better way to express it than by sharing the greatest love story ever told.


6. Include Christian Themes in Your Christmas Cookies: Baking a Batch of Faithful Delight

Imagine this: your kitchen filled with the delightful aroma of freshly baked cookies, each one telling a story of faith and joy. This Christmas, take your baking to a whole new level by including Christian themes in your cookies. Shape them into mangers, stars, shepherds, angels – symbols that represent that holy night. As you roll the dough and cut out shapes, weave the story of Christ's birth into this delicious tradition. Baking becomes not just a culinary activity but a sweet celebration of the reason for the season.

 Christian Christmas cookies

7. Teach Your Children about Giving: A Lesson Wrapped in Compassion

Christmas is the season of giving, and what better way to celebrate than by teaching your children the true meaning of generosity. Sit down with them and talk about those less fortunate, those who might be in need. Discuss ways your family can be a blessing to others and involve your little ones in preparing and presenting gifts. As you wrap the presents, draw parallels to the ultimate gift – how the Father sent His son, Jesus, as the greatest gift to save the world. It's a lesson in compassion and a beautiful reflection of the love that defines Christmas.


8. Open Your Home for Hospitality: A Christ-Centered Christmas Party

Turn your home into a haven of hospitality, inviting friends and family to join in a Christmas celebration centered around Christ. Play games, savor delicious food that warms the soul, and sing hymns that echo the joy of the season. But don't let the celebrations end there. Before the evening draws to a close, gather everyone for a dedicated time to read the Christmas story. As the room settles into a hushed reverence, let individuals share their testimonies of how Christ has changed their lives. It's not just a party; it's a gathering of hearts bound by the transformative power of Christ's love.

family Christmas dinner


9. Watch Christmas Movies about the Birth of Christ: Cinematic Celebrations of Faith

In our family at Christmas, the Nativity Story is a classic we all look forward to watching together. The story never grows old and it is a great way to help little one’s visualize what happened on that holy night. Curl up with your loved ones, a bowl of popcorn in hand, and immerse yourselves in Christmas movies that tell the story of Christ's birth. Opt for films that capture the essence of that night. Make it a cozy family tradition, creating lasting memories as you watch the story unfold on the screen.


10. Attend a Christmas Concert or Play: A Symphony of Faith and Family

This year our church put on a wonderful Christmas performance. For weeks our kids were rehearsing songs, memorising lines, as they prepared for this phenomenal Christ-centred musical. They had so much fun all while giving God the glory. It really helped to anchor the whole meaning of Christmas, teaching them about the miraculous birth of Christ and how he came to save us. If participating in a play is not an option for your children this year, why not attend a Christmas concert or play as a family. Let the melodies of timeless hymns and the drama of live performances envelop you, creating an experience that transcends the ordinary. It's not just entertainment; it's a shared journey into the heart of the Christmas story, a symphony of faith that resonates through the halls and the hearts of your family.

This Christmas, let your celebrations be a tapestry of faith, love, and joy, weaving together traditions that keep Christ at the center of it all. 


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